About us
From the heart of ' Mango city of Kerala'

Muthalamada is also known as the mango city of Kerala for the early mango harvest and export.

About 24 mango varieties, including Sindooram, Bengarampally, Appoos, Neelam, Moovandan, and Mallika, are grown on more than 3000 acres in Muthalamada. Mangoes from the farms of Muthalamada are the first to reach the market.

Mangoes are collected from the farms and distributed to Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Indore, Bangalore etc. A considerable amount of these mangoes are exported to the middle east and Europe.

Muthalamada Agriculture Improvement Co-operative society is formed to help the farmers coordinate cultivation, harvest, and trading. We support the farmers in reaching more buyers and better markets for their produce.